about me

Maziar Abdollahinia

My name is Maziar Abdollahinia, and Martial Arts is my life. I began my martial arts training when I was 13 years old and have loved every minute of it. I feel my life’s meaning has always been martial arts. Ever since I can remember I have had Martial Arts on the brain.I know that a lot of people think Martial Arts is only about learning how to fight and defend yourself But the truth is, It’s so Much More, It’s really a way of life. It’s about connecting to your inner-strength, It’s about accomplishing goals you never thought you could. It’s about respecting your body and mind. I believe in it so much that I’ve dedicated my life to bringing Martial Arts to as many people as possible. It’s been my journey to show people how to defend themselves, as well as how to connect to the inner peace and calm that’s there in all of us…

Maziar Abdolahinia